Frequently Asked Questions

What are the API Limits?
  • 50 active requests at a time A request is active between the time we receive it and the time we send a response or while an update subscription is active.

  • 30 calls of any kind per second.

  • 50 Authorization Tokens every 5 minutes.

  • 10000 updates queued between update subscription calls. If encountered, it is recommended to either increase the frequency of subscription calls or split the request in multiple ones.

  • Test Environment Only 30000 requests per day for Market Data API.

  • Test Environment Only 10000 requests per day for News API.

What are the Australia Exchange(ASX) Phases and Statuses?
You can get the list of all the Australia Exchange Phases or Statuses in the files attached below:
What are the valid values for Basis of Quotation?

Code Description

  • CL - Call Due
  • CP - Call Paid
  • CT - Conditional Trading
  • CB - Cum Bonus Issue
  • XB - Ex Bonus Issue
  • CC - Cum Capital Return
  • XC - Ex Capital Return
  • CD - Cum Dividend
  • XD - Ex Dividend
  • CE - Cum Entitlement
  • XE - Ex Entitlement
  • CQ - Cum Equal Access Scheme
  • XQ - Ex Equal Access Scheme
  • CI - Cum Interest
  • XI - Ex Interest
  • CZ - Cum Priority
  • XZ - Ex Priority
  • CR - Cum Rights Issue
  • XR - Ex Rights Issue
  • CF - Cum Takeover Offer
  • XF - Ex Takeover Offer
  • NX - New - Ex Interest
  • PA - Protection Available
  • PU - Protection Unavailable
  • RE - Reconstructed
What are the different available values for order destinations, pricing Instructions and lifetimes?

You can get the list of all available destinations, lifetimes and pricing instructions combinations by calling to the destinations endpoint in the OMS API.

Please see endpoint documentation for more info: OMS API Destinations

What is the Client Management API?

The Client Management API is used to create new trading accounts. Once the account creation is complete, an account code will be associated with it which can then be used to create orders in the OMS API.

Is there a breakdown/description of the various exchanges and the roles they perform?

You can view the list and description of the various exchanges by visiting the Exchanges Information endpoint in the Market Data API.

Please see endpoint documentation for more info: Market Data API

How to obtain a list of all securities on an exchange?

You can get lists such as the ASX 100, 200 etc and their securities by visiting the System Lists endpoint in the Market Data API.

Please see endpoint documentation for more info: Market Data API

You can also get the list of ASX listed companies on the ASX website: ASX listed companies

What are the valid values for Company Reporting code?
Reporting code is either Blank when not reporting or 'R' when reporting.